Visionis Phosphorescent is a personal art gallery founded by Viktoria Polikarpova in 2016.

The main concept of the Visionis Phosphorescent is to create mystic arts in different techniques, both traditional and digital. Visionis Phosphorescent is open to cooperate with music bands (metal, gothic and ambient), book publishers and art connoisseurs for private commissions.

India-based Russian artist devoted to the exploration of occult traditions via art with a focus on the Eastern left hand path.

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Viktoria Polikarpova

Can you tell us a bit more about your background and how you became an artist?

I started drawing from early childhood and from the beginning I was better than other kids in art. I began to draw more extensively at primary school and I really enjoyed art lessons. Seeing this, my parents decided to change my school from a simple one to an art school. This new school of mine was in fact a college called ''College of Music and Theatre Art'', which is under the patronage of the famous Russian opera singer Galina Vishnevskaya. It had four faculties with different creative disciplines: classical music, opera, ballet and fine art which all together were united in real theatrical activity. I joined the art faculty there.

We had different art disciplines there: academic drawing, classical painting (with water-colours and gouache), art and craft, history of art, history of costumes, art sewing and some other things. But most of all I enjoyed the lessons with free drawing where we had a given theme and full creative freedom to express it. These lessons ultimately were the most important ones for my evolution as an artist. There I understood that the main factor for a successful art is atmosphere, which gives the artist the ability to provide strong feeling and impression. Since that, the idea of achieving a good level of atmosphere in art became my main quest.

Which artists have inspired you in your creative process?

I would say that I was inspired not by separate artists, but by various art schools.

I have always admired European and American landscape art of the second half of XIX century-first two decades of the XX century. Artists of that time were able to catch the atmosphere of the place unbelievably well. For example, American painter Albert Bierstadt who is famous for his landscapes with the mountains, or British artist John Atkinson Grimshaw and his recognisable moonlight,or German painter Caspar David Friedrich and his gothic ruins.

I should also mention the Pre-Raphaelite school of art for its ''dreamy'' feeling and Impressionism art movement all across Europe.

I really love classic Russian art of the XIX century, - the were a lot of really talented, skilled and intelligent artist such as Nikolai Ge, Ilya Repin, Ivan Aivazovsky, Ivan Bilibin (who is famous for his folklore illustrations), Ivan Shishkin, Viktor Vasnetsov and Vasily Vereshchagin . I especially like the latter because V. Vereshchagin travelled in Asia a long before the Roerich family and explored sacred places in the Himalayas where I have traveled myself and where I'm currently living.

Talking about contemporary underground artist, I really respect Artem Grigoryev. He has a strong classical education background which is something rare in our time. Zbigniew M. Bielak is an outstanding master whom I feel connected with because of our mutual profession of architecture. At the end, I would also like to mention works done by Alexander L. Brown.

What is your creative process like and how has the occult been an inspiration when shaping you art?

Occult researches are the main inspiration for the Visionis Phosphorescent project. The project was created as an artistic dimension for expressing personal insights coming during researches and experiences.

I began to have strong interest towards occult studies as soon as I discovered Black Metal and was impressed with all the occult references being used. I saw that bands refer to something serious and I was intrigued by it. During my early teens, I was already familiar with all major occult ideas circulating in the underground: Satanic cults (from La Vey to other orders like TOTBL), renovated pagan belief systems of all kinds, eclectic magic practices, nihilism etc. I understood that very often people just touch the surface of the subject, whereas these spiritual matters are much more profound. I continued to search on my own and after some time I became very interested in Aleister Crowley's heritage, mostly because of it's vastness and integration of different traditions.

At the age of 18 I became a member of O.T.O. The time which I spent in the thelemic circle was very important and useful for me. There I got a lot of information and my intellectual spectrum became very wide, but I wasn't completely satisfied because some of my deep existential questions were still without answer. At this stage tantric teachings came into my life. Suddenly I began to understand them much deeper and I got some important experiences of metaphysical nature. It was a turning point of my life. I left the Order and changed my direction towards the East. I've almost completely lost my interest in Western traditions in exception to Western Astrology. Years ago I got a professional degree in this discipline and I'm still providing astrological consultations besides my art practice.

The history of tantric teachings is fascinating. These teachings were formed in a secretive manner as an opposition to Orthodox Vedic religion and that's why they were full of transgressive, rebellious features. Even though the tantras are ancient in origin, they were spread widely across the Indian subcontinent and southeast Asia by VIII-XII century CE. Various streams of tantra were active during those times: Saiva, Sakta, Buddhist, Vaishnava and Jain. In my opinion, this was the golden age of Indian mysticism.

Off late, tantra is gaining popularity in the underground scene, especially deities like Siva and Kali who can be seen in metal artwork often. But usually, bands and artists only touch the subject cursorily and have no initiations in any living tantric lineages.

I am personally a student of Buddhist Tantra (dzogchen) of the Nyingma lineage of Tibet and that's why I am living in the Himalayan regions where it is still possible to receive authentic teachings from unbroken lineages. When I began to study Buddhist Tantra, I was overwhelmed by the detailed concept of death and after-death. I believe that death plays huge and perhaps fundamental role in all the human activities. Whatever we are doing is ultimately happens because of our fear of death and our attempts to understand and accept it. Most of the people don't like to face this topic but in Buddhist Tantra we are dealing with death face to face, all the time. And it turns out that studying of death is the only way to understand life, to find exit from existential crises, to find peace and understanding of what to do with your own life.

All these questions are the main focus of my spiritual and artist path. I've shifted from Russia to India to continue researches and to live in the cultural environment of the tradition which I'm talking about. I don't have studio or a constant place to live in. My husband and I keep travelling from place to place in the Himalayan regions of India in a constant search for wisdom.

Coming back to the point, Visionis Phosphorescent is my personal art project which is completely inspired by my researches. Art is the way for me to reflect the knowledge which I'm receiving and my personal insights and impressions from the travels. In this way I feel myself connected to the Russian artists whom I've mentioned above  - V.  Vereshchagin and Nikolay Roerich - because they were constantly travelling and participating research expeditions here, in Himalayas, and they were also exploring tantric Buddhist traditions.

Talking about music, it's my inspiration too, of course. I very glad to see that some people from metal underground take serious interest in tantric teachings and in the Eastern philosophical systems in general. Here, I would like to mention the Greek black metal band Acherontas, who asked me to create a design for the re-issue of their third album ''Vamachara'', which will be out in August on Agonia Records.

Also, I'm following the Asian metal scene with great interest and attention. A lot of people here begin to put attention on their native heritage and it brings amazing results. Here I want to salute Sri Lankan band Genocide Shrines whom I have a pleasure to know personally.

Finally, I'm happy to see that there are serious people from my motherland who are very knowledgable and talented at the same time. I'm talking about the popular ensemble Phurpa and their leader Alexey Tegin with whom we had wonderful talks about Bon, Tibetan tantra, sacred aspects of sound and space and Nothingness.

Anything else you wish to share with our readers?
I wish everyone to follow their passion and never stop learning.

"Black Sun" by Visionis Phosphorescent 

cover art for FLAME ACAUSAL's ''Contra Mundum in Aeternum" EP by Visionis Phosphorescent 

"Black Sulphur" by Visionis Phosphorescent

"Bitter sea of Binnah" by Visionis Phosphorescent 

"Yogini" by Visionis Phosphorescent 

 ''Chöd Practitioner'' by Visionis Phosphorescent 

cover art for CIRITH GORGOR 'Bi den Dode Hant' by Visionis Phosphorescent 

"The Great Churning" by Visionis Phosphorescent 

cover art for ACHERONTAS "वामाचार'' by Visionis Phosphorescent 

logo for Ukranian band ''Chöd'' by Visionis Phosphorescent 

''Portrait of a Tibetan ngakpa lama'' by Visionis Phosphorescent