.........."the fire in your eyes keeps me alive" ........

Background :  Born in Europe

German Heart : Russian Soul.
Now residing in Australia. I was, from as far back as I can recall involved with making art.
Boris my father was an artist and also my mentor.
So he started me on this journey of creating ....

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Can you tell us a bit more about your background and how you became an artist?
I went from Art College into secondary school tutoring art. After a trip to Europe and living there for a time I came back to Australia . I worked in Screen Printing for a time , then decided to go back to teaching , I conducting classes in painting and life drawing for mature age students . Influences: Just so many over so many years, from the Old Masters, through to Expressionists, Post Modernists, Pop Art, Rococo Late Baroque.

Which artists have inspired you in your creative process?
Now my influences come more from within , my dreams, my meditations, my soul awakening to all of the mysteries known and unknown that the universe is presenting, it's gift to me .Also being mindful of the portals that are reaching me : the dimensions - within and without.

What is your creative process like and how has the occult been an inspiration when shaping you art?
Creative Process:  music, a state of mind, tuning in to emotions that are surfacing , this is the start of each new piece. I let the pathways open so the work can flow through me . I work in different mediums , watercolour, acrylic, inks, crayons ,charcoal,whatever feels right on the day. I also will apply digital medium onto some of my works .I don't really plan a work, only an idea and allow it to evolve, and of course always striving to push further, deeper. I paint my life.

What do you feel makes your work unique and truly your own?
I think we as artists are all unique, if the work comes truthfully from within. So it stands to reason it is unique to that person.

How has your style changed over the years?
My style has changed enormously over the last year. I have gone from painting very realistically to " soul painting" as I like to call it . It's more of an  esoteric nature. My work , asks questions and also may answer questions .
I have found viewing and reading more esoterical and occult subject matter has been of great benefit to myself in this most wonderous, joyful,painful and ecstatic journey.

Anything else you wish to share with our readers?
I greatly enjoy viewing the images and paintings on the Temple of Nvit- Isis site and would like to thank them for their wonderful support of my art, so gracious thanks . It has been a wonderful insight for me .....the magick, enchantment of Isis and the wonderful freedom of Babalon.

Blessed be....
)O(  G.
Giselle Bolotin / Gisela Elle Art 

My Goddess, Isis by Giselle Bolotin 

Fire, Air, Magick by Giselle Bolotin

Invoke by Giselle Bolotin

Divided in two like Adam and Eve by Giselle Bolotin

Celebrate Hekate by Giselle Bolotin

 Softly  by Giselle Bolotin

In Nomine Babalon by Giselle Bolotin

Moondance  by Giselle Bolotin

 Ancient Evening just before the Fall by Giselle Bolotin

 Tribal Vibe by Giselle Bolotin

 Night Visions (series) by Giselle Bolotin

 Ancient Rising by Giselle Bolotin

Seven  by Giselle Bolotin

From the Dark Side of Dreams  by Giselle Bolotin

 Invoking my Goddess  by Giselle Bolotin

So the Virgin is Baptised  by Giselle Bolotin

The Serpent Stirs  by Giselle Bolotin

The calling of Babalon by Giselle Bolotin