Interview with Star Ruby by Witches of Kali Yuga

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Knight Templar of my desires

You have worshipped me on my sacred place
which is the Temple of tightened tension
in which anything else have no space.

I will be with you during your travel
to protect the pilgrims to the Holy Land...

and I will be with you in your travels
in searching for the divine.

While riding your white horse
through the landscapes.

While crossing the paths through the tree of life,
You will break on through the abyss and flames.

Knowledge will be your very prize
and so will be the achievement of the bright Star.

Who else could be like you?
No thing can compares...

With your armour and your Sword,
with your helmet and your Shield.

With your Red Cross and your White clothes.
With your integrity that holds a Secret
and gives you the courage for the crusades.

Ark of the Covenant i am for you,
and is my body your Holy Grail
in which you will drink the Revelation of the love i Will to give.

Wisdom have been brought to the old King
whose greatest treasures of gold and jewels
meant no thing.

You went there where is his Temple
after the mystery of mastery.

Wisdom that Baphomet beholds
and is the real beauty of the World.

You are my Sir and i am your Love
i am your Star that always will shine
loving you through your crossing paths.

Templar Knight by David Saavedra

The Witch Flight

Walking through the mist, 

by the enchanted forest

Listening the spectral music, 

strolling is the witch

She is looking for the tree

whose branch hold her in the air

After ask him with respect, 

to be her travel's friend

Could be the Elder, Could be the Oak

Could be the Rowan, Could be the Pine

Whose delicious scent would leave stellar sigh...

Must be strong and lightweight,

Streamlined and reliable

By gently polish, it must look like a diamond

She will carve with special care

Over the broom her favorite rune:

Berkana or Uruz, Kenaz or Laguz

When flight across the praire, 

She will feel mad of jubilee

That is the queen of the forest 

And the princess of the wish

With a scream that cross to other dimenssions

Her journey begins full of passions

Is her world the world of Dreams,

The Jinas blueprint...

Alpha trance, out of this world, 

You will see her in that Realm.

Départ pour le Sabbat by Albert Joseph Pénot (1910)

Channelled Poem

Creation of desperation 

I just can see hallucination

Vibration, reflection 

Of my fading deception

Growing the perception

In my conception

The fast lightning ray 

To shine in my direction

The nature of dissolution

Evolves my foundation

Through kindness division

Of my affections

Counterparts in exaltation 

Match their union 

To fulfil the contradiction 

In equilibrium

Destruction of damnation

Clear the vision 

To see the incarnation of

The legions 

Blazing their weapons 

of salvation

The Chohan by Art of Kuba Ambrose

Dark Feathers Angels

Dark feathers angels crossing my path,

their wings blows me wind that leads me to light.

In the top of a tower i watched a blaze 

that came directly towards the place

So i jumped hastily full of dread, 

Dark feathers angels took me in their hands

My feet did not get hurt 

They raised me nay`

the height of the blasted tower

On a swirling air with an even flow

through a steady breeze 

They left me at my home

When i see dark feathers laying on the floor 

While walking steps in daily life

I know dark feathers angels 

are with me in my path 

blowing wind to lead me to light.

Painting by Machiavelli

The Doors

Trans passing the doors of perception

Leaving behind the illusion of the "real"

Breaking through the unconscious dark of the inward sight

that leads to the brilliant path of the true light

Opened the gate of the spectral plane which have no space in this realm

Afraid of being astray in the way


to some visitor else before

Threshold of paradigms that fades away in front your gaze

to fulgurate new incomprehensible lines

All seems to be so different than everything known

The senses feels without need its flesh.

Radiant and evolving light that surrounds and penetrates the self. 

Portal of a new creation world

where everything is possible

in manifested yet.

Nobody could properly explain.