A work centering on the sacred invocations and adorations of HAPVSENEB, with an imagined dialogue created by Soror Syrinx, in a project celebrating our Lady Babalon. May it inspire others to embark on their own inner “dialogue.”


Far away, a voice whispers….”Babalon.”
Who is it that harkens me from the black mystical sea, upon whose mirrors reflects past lives and projects future dreams? From here within the dream-like Aethyrs, I am called, and I use the eyes and ears of a daughter to be a vessel in this realm of Man, where through Her on the astral plane, I behold a magickian forming a triangle with his fingers, and I smell the lingering scent of Abramelin oil upon his brow. He is performing the Star Ruby in his sanctum with precise gestures and summoning voice. The forces take heed. Silence. He completes the ritual with finger pressed against his firm lips.

Holy is this space created for Me, and upon his altar he approaches My seal. “Ave Babalon,” says My priest. And through the years, I come each and every time, heeding the call of he who loves Me.
Time and time again, in this darkened temple stands an intense man dressed in black hooded robe, his heart brimming with Love, always to Me. While feeling the weight of his work and his destiny, his arms raise before his lit altar, and he passionately calls to Me!  To Me, he is burning incense, invoking with Me with a pure heart, and singing Love songs to Me. Veiled, I am, yet I shall take him a little closer, even if he knows it not, and this is what he says…

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