Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Temple of Nvit-Isis is an independent global network of like minded individuals pursuing the Great Work, promulgating the Law of Thelema and Reclamation of The Great Liberating Mother Babalon. Our homebase is in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and  we are not initiatory in nature!

The long term goal of the Temple is to carry on the work that Aleister Crowley began in 1904, being the establishment of the Kingdom of Ra Hoor Khuit, and the destruction of the institutions of the Slave Gods through the establishment of Light. Life. Love and Liberty in the lives of all.

DISCLAIMER:   We are no longer in an organisational way connected to the Nvit-Isis Temple located in Charlotte in the United States that became active again on July 18th 2015 after a hiatus of several years. We have outgrown that old structure and remain independent of any other (Thelemic) organization. When it comes to the legitimacy of our organisation the following wordings formulated by one of the founders of the Charlotte Temple leave no doubts about our autonomous position...

"One development deriving from the internet presence was that an active Branch of the Temple was founded in Amsterdam, the Netherlands by our very beloved G.'.H.'. Frater Fidens (Hapvseneb). This Temple remains in private and autonomous operation. They still have a public page via Facebook. Frater Fidens was a guiding light and accomplished much for Nvit-Isis Temple as a whole. He is considered a founding member of the International Temple."

What the founders of the Charlotte Temple previously stated about themselves when they closed their Temple completely:

"We are no longer practicing the Thelemic Arts or categorizing ourselves as Thelemites."

We were happy they returned to Thelema in July 2015 but just a few weeks later they decided to stop all online activities again and to even hate Thelema... Nonetheless we wish them good luck with their personal endeavours.  

Love is the law, love under will.


All honorary members that got their certificate through my servitude do not have to worry about their status... our combined efforts to pursue our personal Work and to share the path of Love, Light and Liberty remains unchanged. And I take this opportunity to share with you all that we no longer uphold old Aeon hierarchical structures but encourage individual personal paths which might be Thelemic in nature without having to take part in an order or a group. This is one of the reasons why I renounce the title Frater and use Hem-netjer-tepi instead which means 1st servant of the God/dess...

Hapvseneb ☥, Hem-netjer-tepi at your service...

Love. Light and Liberty for ALL

"Honorary memberships" are granted to persons that feel connected to our Temple and/or have been in contact with us (for some time). Being serious about study and self growth in order to pursue one's True Will is what is really essential.  What our honorary members have in common is a strong connection to Nvit-Isis, Babalon or other names of the Great Mother. If you are interested to find out more then please join us in our Forums or Contact us.

Reclaiming Isis (Hellenized Aset) one of a kind statue by Jeff Cullen Artistry at the Temple of Nvit-Isis in Amsterdam:

While today, the name Isis is associated with terrorist groups, this is far from the case. It is the Greco-Roman name of one of the most powerful goddesses in history.This 14.5 inch statue is 100% hand sculpted from professional grade polymer clay. She captures the power and magic of this enigmatic goddess who originated in Egypt and was revered across the Mediterranean. She holds in Her right hand the lamp that illuminates the Past, Present, and Future, and Her left, the Ankh, the symbol of Eternal Life, something that no threat can destroy. The heart of the statue is amuleted with myrrh, rose, jasmine, gold shavings, oil of lily, Egyptian musk, and sandalwood, as well as lapis.